Gatherings / Meetings / Toronto Gathering II pics & vids

Oct 19th, 2008--a great day

  1. AyySoLo
    Date: Sun, Oct 19 2008 22:23:15

    the planning thread can be closed, everyone post ur vids and pics here

    i only have pics of our pens

    Tatemiche has all the vids, lol

  2. Tatemichi
    Date: Mon, Oct 20 2008 03:04:59

    lol i didnt know there was a thred... oh well ill post the vids tomorrow as my camera ran out of batteries.

  3. Tialys
    Date: Wed, Oct 22 2008 03:37:53

    Well, if you don't have vids, can you at least describe what you did?

  4. AyySoLo
    Date: Wed, Oct 22 2008 22:23:00

    all right, here's what we did lol

    12:45 we met at pacific mall(very very asian place lol)
    so joke that we couldn't figure out which entrance was the main entrance. We stood on opposite side of the

    1:00 we walked to staples across the street
    i swored a lot cuz i can't find a 2 pack black rsvps, so i bought a 3 pack red
    Fangking bought ZT pen and material for RT comssa

    1:30 back to p-mall and market village
    Hope was so hungry but we (or I) wouldn't let him eat lunch, cuz we want to go pen hunting first lol
    we went to a small shop and found signo tips for $1 each, lol
    then we went to one's better living(a store that sells japanese pens), they bought lakubo, laknock, and Tatemiche bought a grip that I recommended
    Hope was pist off cuz he couldn't find hybird in there, lol

    2:00 we started eating lunch, I realized that my parents were in that food court, too....which was kind of werid, lol, but that's ok
    Hope, Fangking, Imagm and their friend started PSP....I started spinning, and tatemiche started drinking "tea"........he bought like 6 of those during our gathering lol

    Hope, Fangking and Imagm had a PenWish order that arrived just on that day, lol. We opened it(there is a video for opening the package, waiting for Tatemiche to upload it), there was a whole lots of Comssa and RSVP, RZDZ and Moonz, lol, but none of them was moded

    we started moding, everyone brought tools, Tatemiche had a fantastic grip cutter.

    around 3:30, we started spinning (wow...we actually wasted 3 hours)
    since Toast didn't came, so all of us are basically on the same level, we learned from each other lol.

    I'll talk more about it when the video come out

    around 4:00, we went to p-mall again, and we went to the arcade, where Tatemiche showed off his super dancing skilll lol, 67 combo...
    got some bubble tea, sat down for another 20 minutes, and everybody went home
    I was the second last one to leave, Hope had to wait for his dad, I told him to grab a random guy and teach him TAN, don't know if he did, lol

  5. SJ.
    Date: Wed, Oct 22 2008 23:16:28

    if these are the only pics you guys took, thats a shame

  6. Tatemichi
    Date: Thu, Oct 23 2008 01:05:03

    I only have pics of the pens too but I have 5 Videos that I am uploading right now.

    will update when vids are online.

  7. Tialys
    Date: Thu, Oct 23 2008 02:55:15

    You met at Pacific Mall? How typical. tongue.gif The gathering was in Markham then.

  8. Tatemichi
    Date: Thu, Oct 23 2008 03:28:47

    Here is number 1 of 5 videos that I will post on youtube. The video here is kind of a random shot... Hope is modding a ComSsa and then he and KangKing start spinning, Sorry I actually didn't get a video of opening the penwish package. sad.gif

  9. SJ.
    Date: Fri, Oct 24 2008 06:41:19

    what mod is that green pen

  10. AyySoLo
    Date: Fri, Oct 24 2008 12:49:05

    lol, it was a shame that we didn't take lots of pics

    but our video was pretty funny, lol, and pretty long, so

    keep waiting

  11. TurbulentTurtle
    Date: Fri, Oct 24 2008 13:08:27

    Was everyone who went Cantonese or something...?
    Maybe I should have gone...

  12. LLawlight
    Date: Sat, Oct 25 2008 03:38:08

    I knew I should've gone! Dammit!

  13. AyySoLo
    Date: Sat, Oct 25 2008 14:37:21

    Hope, Fangking, Imagm speaks Canton
    me and tatemechi don't.....

  14. Aiyah
    Date: Sat, Oct 25 2008 19:13:41

    QUOTE (SJ. @ Oct 23 2008, 11:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    what mod is that green pen

    looks like a cartoon comssa metallic with sailors

  15. LLawlight
    Date: Sat, Oct 25 2008 20:03:46

    So when's the next gathering? and would it be at Pacific mall again?

  16. AyySoLo
    Date: Sun, Oct 26 2008 02:26:01

    Hope said Rodney from HKPSA just moved to Toronto, so we are looking forward to meet him as soon as possible

    Tatemichi is going to Japan in Nombember to buy pens, lol, and i'll be pretty busy next month

    so the next gathering will probably be somewhere in December.

    The location really depends on everyone, but it has to be on steeles though, cuz people are coming from both GTA and york region

  17. -JC-
    Date: Sun, Oct 26 2008 02:31:25

    haha, i love how you guys just started speaking canto all of a sudden xDD no consideration for those who can't understand it rolleyes.gif .... fortunately i can ssst.gif
    and i loveee that chrysanteum (sp?) drink wub.gif

    i think i sorta recognize where you guys were too o.o... i've only been to the pacific mall like 2-3 times so i'm nto sure.. but i think i recognize taht area... crazy.. xDD

  18. AyySoLo
    Date: Sun, Oct 26 2008 02:51:42

    lol, i'm the one who don't understand Canton at left out, lol

  19. Wind
    Date: Sun, Oct 26 2008 04:28:03

    I love to go to the next one.. But I'll be coming from Downtown..

  20. Tatemichi
    Date: Mon, Oct 27 2008 02:12:03

    lol@Wind: The closest person to Pmall was Ayysolo but some of us(me) live like 1 1/2 away...

    Videos are almost up sorry my internets cut out lol.

  21. Loanshark
    Date: Mon, Oct 27 2008 02:16:27

    Canto ftw

  22. TurbulentTurtle
    Date: Mon, Oct 27 2008 18:30:09

    I'm not really surprised at the amount of Cantonese kids here on this board, I guess we're just drawn to pen spinning or something... =/

  23. AyySoLo
    Date: Mon, Oct 27 2008 21:45:13

    well, there are lots of Canton people around GTA.

    I was pretty selfish this time cuz I picked the place that's close to me, but it was pretty far for Tatemiche
    You guys should decide where to meet next time, lol

  24. Wind
    Date: Mon, Oct 27 2008 21:46:15

    @Loanshark: Agreed.

  25. Wind
    Date: Wed, Oct 29 2008 00:54:14

    QUOTE (Tatemichi @ Oct 26 2008, 10:12 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    lol@Wind: The closest person to Pmall was Ayysolo but some of us(me) live like 1 1/2 away...

    Videos are almost up sorry my internets cut out lol.

    Ayysolo you jerk! you just don't want to travel as much

  26. AyySoLo
    Date: Wed, Oct 29 2008 02:44:48

    wink.gif didn't u see my reply on 23rd thread?

    i was pretty selfish, lol.....i apologize, but the thing was, there were lots of good pens in p-mall, like lakubo, lacknock, ballsign, signo, etc.
    and there was a staples right across the street. That's why we choose that place.

    I asked everybody's opinion before we go, no one said guys decide next time, lol, i'll follow for sure

  27. AyySoLo
    Date: Fri, Oct 31 2008 21:46:47

    bomp up!!!
    still waiting for the rest of the videos, OMG, those are the spinning ones!!

  28. Wind
    Date: Sat, Nov 1 2008 03:56:29

    I want to go to P-mall... Now I need to find out how to get there by TTC!

  29. AyySoLo
    Date: Sat, Nov 1 2008 20:05:40

    either take the subway to Finch station, then take the bus on steeles east to kennedy
    subway to kennedy station, bus north to steeles