Gatherings / Meetings / North Carolina gathering

  1. cecil
    Date: Thu, Apr 9 2009 22:51:58

    I was wonduring if anyone on UPSB lived in North Carolina, because i dont know anyone that lives here. If you live in NC tell me and maybe we could have a gathering or something like that.

  2. Wall Screamer
    Date: Sat, Apr 25 2009 01:02:16

    I can't drive, but I live in the Chapel Hill-Durham area, just for future reference.

  3. arthurrhodes
    Date: Sat, Apr 25 2009 01:31:58

    i live in south carolina. bout 1.5 hour from charlotte.

  4. cecil
    Date: Sun, Apr 26 2009 22:39:49

    yay, people from around charlotte kinda! maybe there are more people in south carolina.