This article will deal with the process of building a combo to match a musical passage and will suggest ideas on how to proceed about it, both concrete and general.


The first issue to deal with is the meter of the piece. Carefully selected songs usually follow a strict meter that is regular. In order words, you can count its beat. Usually it is in either in double meter (in other words, you count it as "ONE two THREE four, ONE two THREE four, etc..") or in triple meter ("ONE two three, ONE two three, etc...").

The meter of the song is very important because it will affect your selection of tricks and combos. You will want to execute a trick at every beat, every two beats or every four beats in double meter, and execute a trick at every beat, or every three beats in third meter. See the beat punching section further below for more details on how to actually execute this.

Therefore this implies that TA harmonics would work well in double meter, while a fake triple (ext TA > TA) would work better in a triple meter. Likewise, a neobakfall works in double meter and a bakfall works in triple meter.

Make sure you know what the meter of the song is before you construct your combo.