Pen Spinners Revenge TEAM BASE / POLL What Are We Gonna Do?

this poll wil ldecide what are we going to do to start us off

  1. RainbowAceOfSpades
    Date: Tue, Feb 16 2010 21:40:06

    We currently have 18 members besides me. We can have the above choisces to choose from. Touney will be better to have 2 judges, idk if i can judge alone so yeah. Let the voting begin

  2. Kirby
    Date: Tue, Feb 16 2010 21:41:23

    wow i just had the idea for a team collab and posted it like no more then a minute before you made this.. i DEFINENTLY think collab would be the best.

  3. LardKing
    Date: Tue, Feb 16 2010 22:41:00

    Collab wink.gif

  4. spinneraddiction
    Date: Wed, Feb 17 2010 00:04:15

    i want to be judge for tourny :PPPPppppp

  5. RainbowAceOfSpades
    Date: Wed, Feb 17 2010 16:28:07

    were going to have a collab than and in team tournament

  6. blahblahting
    Date: Wed, Feb 17 2010 22:44:03

    uh i'll film for the collab but im /out for the in team tourney. busy enough w/ the yr tourney right now :/