Daybreak Spinners / Akatsuki Mawashi (the daybreak spinners) Feedback/ comment page

what do you think of the story so far? what should happen next? etc.

  1. darkgenesis-spinnerxD
    Date: Mon, Mar 15 2010 17:07:29

    I found out that there have been past comics/manga on penspinning too. Such as the "Penspinners Journal" by Mist from PSH. I gotta say, others were very pro indeed, I could'nt create our team manga via a manga creator software because i didn't have the program, so atm im gonna make do with my sketches :\

    But of course, i'll try not to rush it for the ongoing chapters yet to come...and try to match the quality of the ones made from computer. If you have any feedback or advice to comment on, lease feel free to state it below happy.gif

  2. Prince
    Date: Mon, Mar 15 2010 20:50:38

    scan it? biggrin.gif

  3. darkgenesis-spinnerxD
    Date: Mon, Mar 15 2010 22:30:25

    The timeline is as follows: (some scenes may be made up into the story to spice it up)

    1St PSUK gathering with prince and pen island/fingerless
    school starts again, official ps tourny is held at school (daybreak spinners manga starts)
    Eternal vortex (tom) + Darkgenesis (me) tag team battle vs Kai and Penmaster
    Eternal Vortex (tom) forfeits , prince and pen island arrives while dark is still battling penmaster
    Eternal Vortex dies of his injuries, UPSB account and all memories wiped out
    To be continued...