Pen Spinners Revenge TEAM BASE / The Team


  1. RainbowAceOfSpades
    Date: Thu, Apr 1 2010 03:20:05

    Well guys ive been very busy. For teh team tournament I will try to get 2 rounds finished. If not i will try to assign a person to do the judging for me. So just be patient and dont leave the team. I know the team is getting inactive but i am trying to keep it a live. Thats y i am assinging a new team leader or giving my account or something so that a person i trust can do this for me when im leaving. Just be patient. THank you guys for supoorting. Oh yeah the new person will make and organize a collab promo for this team. Just stick aroun and I will try my best to be more active. Thanks you for you time. I will try to get results by mid april. Just stay tuned.

  2. Nachoaddict
    Date: Thu, Apr 1 2010 23:04:06


    I think it would've been better to just have provided prizes for the first tournament yourself than forcing me to just all of a sudden do it. Seems a bit unfair that you put the burden of prizes on my shoulders even though most people only joined because you asked and everyone was "forced" into the tournament. I've got no problem with doing it but I just didn't want to be forced to.