Nothing Higher / Nothing Higher Tag

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  1. teotoko
    Date: Thu, May 13 2010 02:54:56

    OK. so tags can take a pretty long time to do, so i say we start planning and all of that mumbo jumbo. Any ideas about:
    -what pen to use
    -what order of spinners
    -what kind of transfers (relays) to do

    i think we should do red mx or all white pen of some sort smile.gif
    discuss biggrin.gif

  2. Dan
    Date: Fri, May 14 2010 03:24:41

    red mx is fine with me as for white mods i dont feel like using a buster... but i will if you guys decide to.
    transitions im not too sure about

  3. Simplex
    Date: Fri, May 14 2010 04:39:48

    how about a metal/cheat comssa? im pretty sure everyone has one lol
    and im not too sure on the order or transfers yet but if i come up with something ill post it asap biggrin.gif