Feel free to post ideas of projects and topics here. These can be very vague ideas or ideas that have not been tested for realism yet. As long as you think it is possible, post them here.

This is to list ideas we may work on and some of them will definitively be picked up and be concretize as a project or topic.

Here's some examples of my own:

Project: Synchronized music choregraphy.

Topic examples: Discovering what kind of beats are easily spinnable to, A way to designing what kind of tricks go well with what kind of beat, How to deal with a basic verse-chorus-verse structure in PS without redundancy, How to easily film such synchronized choregraphy.

Project: Angle project.

Topic example: Leviathan will probably explain further.

Project: Filming techniques.

Topic example: How to clearly capture an aerial within a combo, Theory on where the hand should be in the screen.

There's more, feel free to add.