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  1. sketching
    Date: Fri, Jun 15 2007 17:05:22

    PID: 3.1
    Project description: Selecting a suitable piece of music, then designing a combo/collab that matches specifically with the music.
    Why: Music in collab has always been complementing the combos and come very late in the creation process. Why not start with a song and build from that?
    Project leader: Zombo

    List of topics attached to it:

    1. Overview
    2. Spectrum of Synchronicity
    3. Song Selection
    4. Combo Creation
    Use this thread to discuss the general concept of this project, what needs to be done (brainstorm), request new topics and consolidate topics results. This is the general thread for the whole project.

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  2. EssenceOfLife
    Date: Sun, Jan 24 2010 22:21:00

    I think spinless and isolation tricks should be expanded to this area. Many spinless and isolations have been already developed for many years in the manipulative art of glowsticking and are specifically designed to accompany music.

    I think the use of use of spinless, full body and isolation tricks to accompany live and large audience presentation would be a great asset to the choreography and add another layer or size of tricks onto what are already impressive power tricks, as well as giving people who use smaller mods that aren't quite as noticeable a chance to create an effect enjoyable by afar and requiring more dexterity of the body as a whole.

    Not to mention spinless tricks are often easier to synchronize to music, again being already developed by another community and because of the freedom it presents in motion.