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  1. sketching
    Date: Fri, Jun 15 2007 17:10:42

    PID: 3.2
    Project description: Film combos at many different angles.
    Why: Tricks look different at different angles. When performing in front of people and when making videos, I want to know which tricks look good at the angles the people are watching from, or the angle of the camera, to present pen spinning in a more pleasing way.
    Project leader: Leviathan

    List of topics attached to it: None.

    Use this thread to discuss the general concept of this project, what needs to be done (brainstorm), request new topics and consolidate topics results. This is the general thread for the whole project.

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  2. EssenceOfLife
    Date: Sun, Jan 24 2010 22:32:41

    I think angle depends on, for the majority, the types of tricks used. in the tricks and combos brainstorm where I brought up a further level and categorization of tricks into various types of manipulations I think depending of the TYPE of pen manipulation, style and what types of tricks you are doing you would change your angle accordingly.